Il racconto perduto

Ho finito di scrivere un nuovo romanzo, io e i miei personaggi siamo pronti, ma stiamo guardandoci intorno alla ricerca di un editore.
Ecco la trama:     

La storia comincia a New York, in un futuro vicino, all’indomani della presentazione dell’ultima opera di
un’anziana e famosa scrittrice italoamericana: Lily Gentili. Non si tratta di
un suo nuovo romanzo, ma di un lavoro di cui lei è la curatrice e che riguarda
l’opera omnia del suo vecchio e amato maestro Zeno Garda, uno scrittore poco
noto della seconda metà del novecento, ormai scomparso da più di quarant’anni.

Alla pubblicazione delle opere complete, però, manca un racconto che il vecchio Zeno fece leggere alla sua giovane allieva, ma che non diede mai alle stampe.

   Nonostante le attente ricerche, condotte al fianco del promettente discepolo di Lily, Teodoro Olivieri, uno scrittore rampante, di quarant’anni più giovane di lei, il racconto non viene rinvenuto.
In compenso, Teodoro si imbatte, quasi per caso, in un una nota bibliografica su
Dostoevskij che parla di una sua breve novella, mai pubblicata, il cui
riassunto coincide alla perfezione con il racconto che Lily gli aveva fatto
della storia, mai ritrovata, di Garda.

Sulle tracce di quel racconto di Dostoevskij riemerge un epistolario, tenuto fino ad allora inspiegabilmente nascosto, tra il grande scrittore, ormai giunto quasi alla fine della sua vita,
e una sua misteriosa e giovanissima allieva: Gemma.

Il racconto perduto, attraversando il tempo, scivola dunque da una penna
all’altra, senza però mai essere pubblicato, come se il suo scopo fosse
unicamente quello di sancire un passaggio di testimone. Questa eredità viene
trasmessa da Lily a Teodoro durante gli ultimi mesi di vita di lei, così come
era accaduto anche per le altre coppie prima di loro, tutte separate da una
grande differenza di età. Il gap temporale è solo apparentemente incolmabile,
infatti, non impedisce che si consumi tra queste persone che si incontrano,
solo per un tempo brevissimo, un amore appassionato e un intenso scambio

Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year to all my friends and readers!

"Sold out"

Just after six months "Oggi mi sa che muoio" is sold out and is being reprinted by Mondadori.

I racconti dell'attesa (Tales for the expecting)

All over the world, for every baby about to be born, there is a tale
waiting for him. And the tale will be different for every culture, but
all of them have the same desire to talk to the baby about the life that
has just welcomed him, and the same load of love, fear and tenderness.
16 tales from all over the world, presented in Italian as well as the
original language

Oggi mi sa che muoio

A love story that challenges prejudice, an emotional journey through the hidden side of Rome 

Pietro, 18 years old, lives in Rome and volunteers in a charity hospital and school center in the hard neighbourhood of Tor Bella Monaca, where he is a creative writing teacher for kids. Here he meets Jasmina, a young gipsy girl, and falls head over heals. But the distance between their world is just too great. Family feuds and their uncommunicating cultures force them to keep their passion concealed. A love story told by a sweet as well as deep voice, a tale that blossoms unexpectedly amidst the very heart of Italy's capital.

The rom population of Italy. A Cross-Cultural Encounter

"When I played a few
notes on my sax, the
children all spun

A careful evaluation about the rom population of Italy as seen by a touring musician. Written by Carol Sudhalter it can read opening the enclosed file.

Summer at University

Tuesday, 15 of July 2008 at 21.00 at the square of physics (La Sapienza University of Rome), opposite the statue of Minerva, in collaboration with the library Rinascita and the publishing house Sovera there will be the presentation of my book "Il tempo di arrivare". The event will be gladdened by the Jazz group  "Esperanto", and the extraordinary participation of American saxophonist Carol Sudhalter. Free entrance.

Taccuino Italiano, a Rai International Radio Program interviews Jole Severi Silvestrini

Tuesday April First, at 7.20 PM, following the GR1, Taccuino Italiano in its weekly magazine appointment with the culture interviews Jole Severi Silvestrini. Taccuino Italiano is the program of RAI International whose ingredients range over the literature, to music, to the science, without forget the social truth, Internet and other curiosities. You can hear on satel radio the voice of the writer interviewed by Alessandra Tocci aboard the train Rome -Naples on occasion of the Galassia Gutenberg event.




On the side of immigrant women

Saturday 8 March Gabriella Sanna, sociologist and responsible of the intercultural services of the libraries of the municipality of Rome has introduced at the Griot’s Cultural Emporium bookstore in Trastevere the multiethnic  Rome guide. In the course of the evening, that has seen the presence of about 40 people, took part the Ethiopian cultural mediator Tzehainesc Cahsai, the anthropologist and president of the immigrated women association Pilar Saravia, and Jole Severi Silvestrini. Journalist Giulio Cederna has led.



Gutenberg Galaxy: on the train of books it gets also on "The time to arrive"

The editorial board of Leggere:tutti has selected the candidacy of Jole Severi Silvestrini in order to go up on the train of Gutenberg Galaxy in departure from Rome to Naples next 29 March. The same travel will be also a chance for the presentation of the books, and for a comparison between the authors and the readers, all joining by the same passion. The initiative already realized with success in 2007 ha the sponsorship of the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome, the Municipality of Rome and the Municipality of Naples. This Year the introduction will be coordinated by Paola Saluzzi e Guido Barlozzetti into the train car conference.



Evening at gypsy camp

A sundown really unusual that passed at the field “Casilino 900”, one of the biggest gypsies camp in Rome, together with the nomadwriter Najo Adzovic the author of the book "The invisibile people".
The evening placed in the event "Pluns and Slums" organized by the faculty of architecture of the University of Rome 3 and by Marco Brazzoduro, Professor to the Faculty of Statistics Sciences of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and Social Political teacher, has seen the presence of approximately 50 people between adults and children gathered around the fire of the nomad camp of via Casilina, while Najo told its history of emigrant forced in Italy after being escaped from the Yugoslavia at the beginning of the civil war, for having left to go fifteen young bosniac people, its fellow soldiers, refusing to execute the order to kill them.

An event to the standard of the ethnic and cultural aggregation between one of the most large gypsy's community in Rome and university professors and students of some European universities. In the course of the evening it has been also the projection of movies "Tears of memory" of Julia Zafferino and "Non tacere" and has seen the presence of Don Roberto Sardelli and Francesco Gori. The evening has been concluded with the night's passing in camper of the foreign students.


Broadcasted by RadioAlt the review about the novel "Il tempo di arrivare"

Broadcasted by RadioAlt, the italian webradio directed by Massimo Villa, the book review published on number 728 of "The International" weekly magazine.
RadioAlt is an italian web radio aimed at the entertainment and the information on the cultural consumptions. Born in October 2004 for initiative of Massimo Villa, historical voice of the Italian radiotelephony, RadioAlt proposes every day a musical selection that visits various worlds and kinds
following the criteria of the beauty, the facility and the variety.
RadioAlt is web a radio that looks after the great world of the books and of the authors and supplies information on the publishing and cultural italian and international panorama.


Jole Severi Silvestrini is Medical Doctor and writer. Born in Rome, the place where she lives and works, she also spent a lot of time in Washington DC and Annapolis with her father Arturo Silvestrini. With the novel "Il tempo di arrivare" published by Sovera  she made her italian debut as writer.

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